Front Panel Seal

About this product

The Front Panel Seal (#55249-52010) is a crucial body component in the Instrument Panel & Glove Compartment system of your Toyota. Its primary role is to serve as a buffer, preventing unwanted vibrations, excess noise, and the intrusion of dust or moisture into the instrument panel and glove compartment. As the panel seal ages, it may get old, crack or lose its elasticity, leading to increased cabin noise, vibration and potential damage to the interior elements due to dust or moisture intrusion. This makes the periodic replacement of the panel seal vital for the upkeep of the vehicle's comfort and performance. Genuine panel seals are specifically designed for your Toyota, offering ideal compatibility with your vehicle. Plus, Toyota stands behind all its genuine parts with a comprehensive warranty. In essence, the panel seal ensures that your instrument panel & glove compartment system operates optimally, contributing significantly to your vehicle's overall efficiency and safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 55249-52010

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