Oil Receiver Pipe

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The Oil Receiver Pipe (#33124-WB001), a part of the Drive-Chassis in the Clutch Housing & Transmission Case (Manual Transmission) system, plays a crucial role in your Toyota's manual transmission operation. This vital component channels and redirects oil to the gears and other transmission components, ensuring smooth operation and reducing wear and tear. Over time, the pipe can become worn or clogged, which can disrupt the flow of oil, result in inadequate lubrication, and cause premature wear on your transmission. Toyota recommends periodic replacement of this part to maintain optimal transmission performance and longevity. Failing to replace a worn or clogged Oil Receiver Pipe (#33124-WB001) can lead to costly transmission damage. Genuine Toyota parts, like the Oil Receiver Pipe (#33124-WB001), are designed for perfect fit and function in your vehicle and are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. By maintaining a well-functioning Oil Receiver Pipe (#33124-WB001), you safeguard your vehicle's transmission, enhancing its efficiency and overall performance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 33124-WB001

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